Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gahanna Housing Statistics YTD

So I was curious this morning about home sales in Gahanna.  As I read my twitter feed I see all sorts of news about the housing market.  Some reports have the market coming back, some had it back awhile ago, and others are still predicting it to come back way further down the road.  This is extremely relevant because one of the top questions a Realtor receives is whether or not it is the right time to list a home.

As I have reported previously in my Central Ohio Housing Report posts, statistics report positive news for Central Ohio.  As for Gahanna, I went ahead and did a very simple search on the MLS to focus a bit more on the community.  I looked for houses for sale in Gahanna that closed during this calendar year (Jan 1, 12 - Dec 1, 12).  I actually used Gahanna-Jefferson schools as the search ingredient, so these results are any home that has closed in the Gahanna-Jefferson School District this year...

The results show 439 closings on single family homes in Gahanna.  With that volume of numbers I didn't dig further into the average sales price or number of days on the market, but I'd be more than happy to dispense more specific information to anyone that requests information relevant to them (email me).

A few other tidbits about Gahanna homes...

There are 191 homes actively listed in Gahanna at this time.

Additionally, 103 homes are either contingent upon a factor in the deal or under contract ready to close.

Again, all of these stats are very surface-level and are not being compared to previous years or really any other criteria.  I just wanted to share what I found as a result of my own curiosity.

If you are looking to buy or sell a house, or know someone that would like to, I'd be grateful for the opportunity help you become part of the statistics for the next closed-sale report that I publish.

Take care,
Scott Morrison

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