Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 Steps to Shopping for a Home

I was listening to the radio this week and, of course, the talk shifted to resolutions...  The traditional topics of getting in shape in every aspect of life, specifically financially.  One particular bit caught my attention as they were discussing the comparison of being a shopper versus a buyer.

To keep it brief, the comparison basically said that shoppers are always keeping up with the market, and tend to get a much better deal than buyers.  Buyers are the people who say "Ok, it looks like we need a new TV, lets go out and find the best deal and we'll buy a TV."  Simple right?  However, they are only going to get the best deal at the current time for a TV, not the best possible deal.

A shopper monitors prices and products throughout the year, assesses need, and when a situation arises, knows when and where to go to get the best deal... Even if it involves some patience and negotiating.

I think this is a perfect scenario to envision yourself in for purchasing your next home.  The most common objection to buying right now that I hear from friends is that "my lease isn't up until ____."  It's a perfectly rational process of thought, however, waiting to look at the market makes you a home buyer, not a home shopper.  What these people need (and not just those in a lease, but anyone planning to buy) is to become home shoppers that transition into buying when the time is right, rather than buyers based upon circumstance.

Here are 3 steps that I can help you take to become a HOME SHOPPER...

1.  Get an agent:  Real Estate Agents constantly stay up with the market, it's their job.  As many as 90% of people begin their search for a home on the internet, most without an agent.  Maybe they do not know an agent, or maybe they are trying to save money by skipping that part (myth busted:  buyers do not pay real estate commissions in most cases), but what they are really doing is making it exponentially more difficult for themselves to find the home that best fits them.  Real Estate Agents can get you access to all of the homes that you will find online and can do so quicker and can efficiently eliminate the homes that do not fit your criteria to save you time and the emotional dissatisfaction of seeing a home that you love, but can not afford.  Basically, you get a free personal shopper that can help you with the next two steps...

2.  Get email notifications:  Yes, it is great to see homes on Zillow and Trulia, but it is unnecessary with the technology we have available.  I believe that one of the best services I can offer to a potential buyer is to set up a personalized website to which I can send all of the properties that fit their criteria for them to search at their leisure (at no cost to the buyer!!).  A simple email with a link can be sent to a client each time a new property hits the market, and the link can take them to their own version of Zillow or Trulia, but rather than having EVERY home on the site, it simply contains only the homes that best fit the client. Clients can delete homes from their site that they dislike, and can save the ones they could envision themselves in, and when the time comes that buying is an option, they have their search already whittled down to a handful of options.  The handful of options remaining then move to step 3...

3.  Actively shop:  As a Realtor I have the key to every house that is listed in the Columbus area.  Buyers do not have to wait for an open house, all they need to do is to contact me and request a showing on a house for sale.  We set up a time with the sellers and can get a look inside of the home.  Online pictures are great, but nothing compares to getting inside of the home and getting the look and feel firsthand.

Whether you are looking to buy in the next month, or have no timeframe set, NOW is the best time to begin the process of becoming a home shopper!  Email me Today to get started, and I'll do all of the work to set you up!

Remember, be a shopper, not a buyer!!

Take care,
Scott Morrison

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