Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Buying Process Simplified

This past fall I did a series of blog posts that explained the home buying process.  Before I became a Realtor, I had a very basic understanding of what it took to buy a home, but explanations of details given to me were often too complicated to make me feel adequately prepared for the task ahead.  My goal in writing these posts was to give a one-stop shop for simple and understandable explanations that could help my clients to get a better grasp for the road that lies ahead, without being overwhelmed.


Step #10: Moving Day!!

I originally wrote all ten pieces and then never went back to consolidate them into one post.  Now, I can use this post as one link to avoid the wordy and often over-informative email that I have been sending to new buyer clients.

Feel free to share this with anyone that you know that might be interested in buying in the near future.  As always, the greatest compliment you could possibly give me is a referral to someone close to you!  I would be honored to help them with their purchase of a home.

Take care,
Scott Morrison

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