Thursday, January 17, 2013

Houses for Sale in Gahanna

"How's the housing market in Gahanna?"

Typically nobody really cares how the market is in Gahanna, they just want to know which houses are for sale in Gahanna.  As you can see from the link below, there are plenty of listings currently on the market.  Use the link to go shopping in the Gahanna housing market.

Back to the original question though, "how's the market in Gahanna."  Using a quick search of the Columbus MLS and doing some simple math, in the last month 33 houses have sold.  Sale prices on those 33 homes ranged from $56,000 to $555,000.  21 of the 33 houses spent less than 75 days on the market, which happens to be the average number of days when totaling all 33 (that tells us that 12 of the houses really skewed the number).

So, the market is fabulous!  You could obviously try your best to nitpick at numbers, but for the most part, Gahanna has a very healthy housing market with good list to sales price ratios, good available inventory, and good patterns of quick sales when homes are at the right price.

If you see a home that you'd like to tour, or know of someone that would like to receive more information about homes in Gahanna, please email me (Scott Morrison) as soon as you get the chance!

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Scott Morrison

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