Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gahanna Life Magazine

In February, I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to write for a local publication, Gahanna Life Magazine.  Many people that I've talked to had not heard of Gahanna Life because, for the moment, it is only delivered to 5100 households in Gahanna.  Yes, ONLY 5100, haha.  I'm not sure if there are plans to expand just yet, but it sure is a good opportunity for me to contribute to something locally, as well as to get my name in front of people in our Gahanna community.

Gahanna Life Magazine is delivered to much of the eastern side of Gahanna.  Subdivisions such as Bryn Mawr, Saratoga Estates, Harrison Pond, Gahanna Heights, Rathburn Woods, Hunters Ridge, Foxboro, Gahanna Greens, and a few more receive the publication on the 27th of each month.  The magazine is filled with articles contributed mostly by members of the Gahanna community.  Articles range from topics such as financial planning, to real estate, to highlights of local events and attractions.

I somewhat lucked into my gig as a "community contributor."  A good friend of mine Jason Codrea, a contributor himself, writes a monthly column about his area of expertise, financial planning.  (You may recognize the name while driving down Granville St seeing the sign for Codrea Financial, yes, that's Jason).  While talking with Jason in January, he mentioned having read my blog and suggested that I inquire about contributing to Gahanna Life.  I did so, and found out that another Realtor had beat me to the punch for a real estate column.  

As I spoke with the editor, Melissa Mackey, mentioning all of my experiences in Gahanna and telling her about growing up here and now living here, she finally offered me a spot writing about the community itself, "just anything" she said.  After momentarily being extremely disappointed that I had missed out on a real estate column, I did a full 180 and now felt even more fortunate to be able to write creatively about just about anything in Gahanna.  

I have really enjoyed it thus far... Two of my articles have been published, and I've received a good number of emails or phone calls from people telling me that they saw my article.  Some mentioned that they liked it, but mostly, it has been great to have people reporting that they've simply seen my name and think it is great that I'm contributing.  

I'm not sure where I'll go with my column.  My articles must be in about a month and half ahead of distribution, so the topics have to be ones that aren't overly timely.  The bottom line is that I'm having a good time and doing something I love (writing) for something I love (Gahanna).  

If you are one of the many Gahanna residents that do not receive the Gahanna Life at your door, it is available online here.  I'm also going to post all of my articles on the "Gahanna Life" tab at the top of my blog's homepage.  


Take care, 
Scott Morrison
(614) 595-8762

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