Sunday, April 7, 2013

Leave Feedback!

This post goes out to readers, potential buyers, buyers, and Realtors alike.... 


Selling a home can be a very frustrating process for many reasons.  One source of frustration for both the seller and the listing agent is the process of receiving feedback from buyers and/or their Realtors.  

Once a Realtor has shown a home, they are then contacted via email with a feedback request.  The Realtor hopefully fills out the feedback form, and then both my client and myself get to evaluate what was said and can make adjustments from our end.  

Honest feedback is crucial.  When we (the listing side) get honest feedback, we can see that something may need fixed, a room may need further cleaning, or maybe our list price needs adjusted.  The value of a home is what a buyer would be willing to pay, and if we know what buyers like and dislike, it makes the process so much easier.  

I could go on and on about this topic, but it's a simple message...  The seller goes through a lot to prepare their home and to keep it neat and tidy throughout the selling process.  Each time a showing is scheduled they hustle around to get it set as close to perfection as possible, and then leave their home for a period of time for a buyer to go through.  The expectation is not that each buyer come through and place an offer, but the least they could do is provide honest feedback that states why they do not wish to buy it.  That feedback is valuable because it allows the seller to prevent the same thing from turning away potential buyers.  

Buyers:  Tell your Realtor how you feel about each property they take you to.  Do an in-depth evaluation with them.  If an in-depth conversation does not take place, re-evaluate why you are seeing the homes you are seeing.  A Realtor's job is not to oversaturate you with home showings, it is to get you into homes that should all be a real consideration and then to help you interpret the facts that you uncover along the way.  Encourage your Realtor to leave feedback, you'll want the same when you go to sell in the future.  

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