Sunday, April 21, 2013

Upcoming Gahanna Events

Who loves junk mail?  

Not this guy, and certainly not most of the people that will read this post.  

I do, however, like junk mail more than I like getting the bags of "coupons" (that offer no deals) on my front porch that inevitably go directly to the recycling bin.  

If you are like me and almost automatically take those little bags to the recycle without even sifting through them, you may have missed The Gateway, a publication issued by the department of parks & recreation in Gahanna when it was delivered this past week.  I likely would have missed it as well had I not seen on Twitter that it was on the way.  

Anyway, this issue was the 2013 Summer Program Guide, and for those of you that missed the delivery, I thought I'd highlight some of the upcoming events to give Gahanna residents something to look forward to here in the next couple of months.  

11-  ARTcade day @ Friendship Park 12-4pm
11-  Paddle Boats open at Creekside
25-  Hunters Ridge & Gahanna Swimming Pools open @ 12pm

8-  Second Saturdays at Creekside Park 3-6 pm
14/15/16- Creekside Jazz & Blues Festival

4-  Freedom Festival @ Creekside 6-10pm 
13-  Second Saturdays at Creekside Park 3-6 pm
20/21- Backyard Campout @ Friendship Park 4pm

Hope to see you out at many of these events!  For a complete list of events, click here.  

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Take care, 
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