Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Take Me Out(side) to the Ballgame!

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Take Me Out(side) to the Ballgame!
Outdoor recreation is available throughout Gahanna for residents of all ages. 

I can remember going to Cincinnati Reds games as a kid and the magical feeling that comes with walking into a big league ballpark.  I’d be decked out in my team gear, my Barry Larkin pin would be clipped to my shirt, and of course that old worn out ball glove would never leave my left hand just in case I’d have the opportunity to make SportsCenter while diving two rows ahead to snag a foul ball. 

I never caught a foul ball, but the plays that I watched the Reds make in Riverfront Stadium were replayed over and over in my mind as I competed in Little League.  Those games are some of my fondest memories of growing up here in Gahanna. 

Today I enjoy taking a walk with my family down to the same fields to watch the little leaguers play.  I actually like watching little league now just as much as I liked watching the Reds back then.  The passion that each kid plays with, the sound of the “hey batter” chants, and the inevitable outfielder getting distracted by the clover as a ball is hit to that side of the field… even an impartial observer is entertained! 

There are many opportunities for Gahanna residents to get outdoors and either participate in, or watch recreational events.  Little leagues play at Jefferson Elementary and Academy Park, adults gather to relive the glory days on the softball field at the VFW, golfers of all skill levels have two great courses in the Gahanna Golf Course and the Golf Depot, and the city pools are always packed with members especially during weekly swim meets. 

I cannot promise that the level of play on these fields or courses will be anywhere near what you would get at Pebble Beach or even downtown at Huntington Park.  What I can guarantee is that the hot dogs are much cheaper, the drive home is much shorter, and the players involved love the game just as much as the pros. 

Don’t forget your glove! 

Take care, 
Scott Morrison
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