Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gahanna a Seller's Market?!

For anyone that has been following the housing market in Gahanna, you know that we show many characteristics of a "seller's market."  The inventory is low, homes are selling quickly, and multiple offer situations are not uncommon.

Just as Jay Papasan says in the video below put together by KWRI, it is important to get information quickly if you want to be active in the market.  I would guess that over half of the calls that I get about properties are in regards to a property that is listed on a website, but is already under contract.  This is because of the delay in syncing the local MLS with the big national websites.  I like to call this phenomenon "the leftovers."  Just like leftovers in the refrigerator from a nice, hot, fresh meal the night before in which everyone ate the food at the peak of its tastiness... homes that are available on these national websites aren't hot and fresh because the hot and fresh deals are picked through by the buyers that have already been alerted by their Realtor.

If you find yourself inching towards the time in which you are ready to buy, make sure you aren't looking at the leftovers.  Let me work for you to find the hot and fresh deals, it is necessary in today's market!

Take care,
Scott Morrison

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