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10 Improvement Ideas to Increase Home Value Part 1

You hear it all the time, “there’s always something to do when you are a homeowner.”  While the saying is mostly true, it is hopefully not something that is as much of a burden as it is an opportunity to add value to your home.  Homes are large financial commitments and value is something that every homeowner should always be considering.

Whether a homeowner is adding value while preparing for a sale, or just adding personal value to their lifestyle, the following ideas are improvements to consider that are common in Today’s market.

10-  Landscaping:  Cutting/ edging new beds, mulching, adding plants, laying stepping stones, pulling weeds… the list goes on.  The curb appeal of your home is what will make the first impression to a buyer, and more than that, nicely cared for lawns and beds make the yard a more enjoyable area to use as an outdoor living space. 

9-  Deck/ Patio:  Staying with the outdoor theme… Improving or adding to the deck space or building a patio adds to the ability to entertain both your family and guests.  Outdoor spaces are becoming more and more a item on the checklist for buyers during their search. 

8-  Kitchen:  A complete kitchen remodel is ideal.  This is a rather large job, but opening up the space by removing a wall or unneeded dividers is the trend.  Modern cabinets & counters, stainless steel appliances, updated flooring, and a breakfast bar are all great considerations if a complete remodel isn’t in the cards.  Even just updating the lighting fixtures goes a long way in changing the look!

7-  Add or remodel a bath:  Having more than 1 full bath is crucial in many areas.  Finish off the basement with a full bath to add a lot of value.  If that isn’t an option, modernize your bathroom with a bath/ shower remodel, put in wood floors or tiling, and be sure to have bright modern light fixtures. 

6-  Finish the basement:  Adding living space, install a bathroom, and/or add another bedroom.  Adding living space is great for the homeowner and looks even better to a prospective buyer.  Have it professionally done because a less than stellar job can become a detractor when it comes time to sell. 

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