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Breakfast Spots in Gahanna

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Out for Breakfast in Gahanna

I thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge of Gahanna.  Whether it is through this column, or sitting at a closing table with folks that have just purchased a home, I get a sense of pride when speaking of my hometown. 

In a recent conversation that I had regarding my monthly article, I was asked where I get my ideas.  The truth is that the angle I take on the piece typically comes to me as I sit down to write.  The ideas are plentiful, but just like any good procrastinator, the best work is done as soon as you sit down and just go. 

My lunch special piece received quite a bit of positive feedback.  I certainly appreciate those that were heard and encourage you to continue.  Realizing that community members, new and old, all got some ideas from that column, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite breakfast spots as well.  

Top Spots for Morning Eats

I am a morning person.  I love to get up, start the coffee, walk the dog, and then sit down to large bowl of cheerios.  Cheerios have been my breakfast of choice for as long as I can remember, I rarely mix it up.  Because of my self-imposed requirement of sticking with a routine, breakfast is without question the meal that I eat-in far more often than I eat-out. 
So, when I do venture out for my morning meal, it is not only a special event, but one that comes with a high necessity for taste bud satisfaction.  Here are my recommendations for breakfast outings in Gahanna: 

Creekside Cafe
I have two go-to meals here.  The traditional breakfast is appropriately named with its’ eggs, bread, meat, and potatoes, with the potatoes providing the uniqueness as they are sliced and fried to perfection.  Also, if you are an eggs benedict lover, this is the place to go!  Enjoying these meals out on the patio area overlooking the creek before the air gets too warm is quite a wonderful summer experience.  

A big breakfast with the homestyle feel.  All of the traditional items, paired with a small stack of pancakes and a Flanagans breakfast is sure to push lunch back to mid-afternoon.   Coffee even comes with the meal!

Scrambler Maries
“Uncle Moose’s Manhandler” wins my heart with both its name and taste.  Layered on top of a skillet full of potatoes are bacon, sausage, ham, melted cheese and two basted eggs.  I choose wheat toast to help me soak up the remains of this perfect blend of my favorite meats.

Bob Evans
What would a breakfast review be without mention of Bob Evans?  The greatest part about breakfast at Bobs is that you can have breakfast at any time of the day and it tastes just as good.  The homestead breakfast is my most popular pick… Two eggs over medium, hash browns, bacon, and a huge portion of biscuits and gravy… it doesn’t get much better!

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