Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Tomlinsons New Home

Last night, the family and I stopped by to check in on The Tomlinsons at their new home in New Albany.  The main motivation was to drop off the shadowbox you see below, but it's also nice to stop in and see what clients have done in terms of decorations, landscaping etc...
A keepsake for the Tomlinsons created by Sharon Iseringhausen
In just two short weeks, The Tomlinsons have managed a thorough makeover of the exterior, especially  the landscaping.  I pulled up to the house and almost didn't recognize it.  Kelly said that Josh has been hard at work removing a few bushes, filling dirt, pulling up sod, and caring for the beds.

As Kelly gave my wife a tour, Josh commented that "it's just so nice to be here and not in that little condo."

Enough said.

Hearing those types of comments reinforces the "purpose" of the daily interactions.  It's nice to be able to help people in what is likely to be the biggest financial decision of their lives.  This was a rewarding experience that I'm honored to have been a part of from start to finish... Congrats Josh, Kelly, Kinley, and Lilly!

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