Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good Offer vs Great Offer

In every deal, it is important to consider all of the conditions.  Mr. Obvious right?  Not so much...

In a real estate transaction often times buyers and sellers lose sight of the whole transaction.  There are many terms and conditions that are written into a contract, and one must be able to look past the obvious items such as purchase price or closing date to evaluate the offer as a whole.

Sure, a high purchase price is great, but what about closing cost assistance, timelines, household items, earnest money, contingencies on other transactions, and other terms that can greatly affect the bottom line of a deal?

This is a conversation I always enjoy with clients because when we sit to write or evaluate an offer, there comes a point in the conversation when the light bulb flicks on in their head and they have their "aha moment."  It is rewarding because I feel that this is where I can add the most value:  educating the client.    

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