Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Hour in Gahanna

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The trend in real estate is leaning heavily towards the outdoor space.  Having a paver patio or well-manicured deck seems to be more of a requirement than a luxury, especially with many of my first-time homebuyers. 

The same qualifiers often ring true for restaurants and bars here in Gahanna.  How many times have you heard “man, I could go for happy hour on a patio right about now” as you make the last stop at the watercooler before leaving work? 

Especially after sitting at a desk all day and looking out at the sunshine, blue skies, and green grass, the summer months tend to push the happy hour crowd outdoors.  Luckily, Gahanna is not short on choices when it comes to the outdoor experience.  You can find plenty of places to grab a chair, a drink, and maybe even dinner, while enjoying the fresh air, scenic views, and live music!


The food and drink specials, the live music, and the open area for lawn games are what meet the eye when you step onto the patio.  However, it is the atmosphere created by those elements that, whether noticed or unnoticed, puts the happy into happy hour. 

When the Ohio weather cooperates (yes, I know, a whole separate story) there isn’t a much better social gathering place than the one created at select restaurants and bars in Gahanna that have invested in creating an area that allows customers to pull up a chair and relax while enjoying the outdoors. 
Here are a few of my favorites: 

Coaches- The patio area isn’t just a summer luxury.  My favorite thing about this space is the ability for part of it to be enclosed during the winter offering an outdoor feel during those months of Ohio weather we all know and love!

Gatsby’s- The back patio and volleyball areas have long been an attraction, but the most recent remodeling of the patio overlooking Hamilton road is my personal favorite.  It is a peaceful setting that gets you just far enough away from the live music that you can have a conversation, but can still enjoy the tunes. 

Flanagan’s- A huge space with a “tiki” feeling.  Driving up you feel “country,” then you enter and might as well have your toes in the sand!

Old Bag of Nails-  If you are going solely on the sights, you cannot beat this patio.  Whether it is lunch, happy hour, dinner, or late-night, sitting out overlooking the Creekside area is about as good as it gets in Gahanna.  I like it best when the live entertainment consists of a one-man band strumming his acoustic guitar. 

Signature’s-  The back patio at Signature’s always seems to have a lot of people, but never seems to be crowded, which is a great thing for me!  It is an enjoyable area that has the feeling of being tucked into the neighborhood… a very private setting.  Grab a basket of popcorn and you’ll lose track of time!

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