Monday, September 30, 2013

300+ Pairs of Shoes

I do not get to play enough golf.

You're either nodding your head in agreement or shaking your head in the most friendly version of disgust.  Regardless, this post isn't about the golf, it is about what the golfing accomplished.  (It's a good thing because the scorecard will be kept secret)

Jason (left) and I at the Codrea Classic
Just last month I participated in the Codrea Classic.  This is an annual outing that my good friend, and financial advisor, Jason Codrea hosts for clients and guests of Codrea Financial Services.  The outing is played in a scramble format at Willow Run Golf Course just east of Columbus.

The highlight of the day is the way that Jason has found to contribute to a greater purpose within the golf format.  Each player is encouraged to bring in old shoes to donate to those in need, and for every two pairs of shoes donated, the player earns a mulligan for his or her team (limit 8 mulligans per team, but as simple math will uncover, the teams didn't stop at 16 pairs of shoes).

Here is what Jason had to say via email when I asked him for some details:

"I went on a mission trip in February of 2012 to Haiti through Lifeline Christian Mission which is based in Westerville. During my time there we helped many families and one of the things that really stuck out to me was the amount of people walking around without shoes and the high need of anything they could have to cover their feet and walk around or do work.  This was difficult when we passed shoes out to some children and were told that if they don't have a size that fits them that they have to walk away without a pair of shoes and remain barefoot.  Luckily the group I was with did not have to see any children not receive a pair but based on the amount of shoes left I knew there would be plenty of children still in need.  When I returned from my trip I knew I needed to do something to help.  I've been hosting an annual golf outing through my company, Codrea Financial Services since 2009 and usually get between 50-60 golfers and they all have families and work with others at their office so I figured I'd find a way to have them bring in old shoes to donate.  Last year we collected just over 150 pairs of shoes and this year we doubled that and had just over 300 pairs of shoes donated to send down to Haiti."

Jason is an asset to the Gahanna community.  I don't need to go any further than asking you to re-read his quote above to justify my highest recommendation for his company.  Whether you need a financial advisor or can contribute to next year's outing, I encourage you to get in touch with Jason Codrea.

His office is located at 146 Granville Street in Gahanna.  He can be reached by phone at 614-452-8185 or you can use the following links to access his website or facebook page:

Take care,
Scott Morrison

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