Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 7 Posts of 2013

One of my goals for 2013 was to continue with this blog.  I started writing in July of 2012 as a way for me to not only share information, but to share relevant information within the Gahanna Community.

Once started, the blog veered onto a path driven by the feedback I was receiving.  It has become a wonderful avenue for me to share real estate information to help both buyers and sellers as it was intended, but even further it has become a platform for me to post information, such as listings, so that the client can be involved in the process.  Some of the most-viewed posts that I have are posts that my clients share on social media.  When they ask their friends to help them advertise their listing, or when they share the good news that they are new homeowners, word travels fast and the blog post is a way for clients to brag a little bit without being too much of a self-promoter on their timeline or feed.

My goal for 2013 was to post once per week.  This is the 113th post of the year, so the numbers show that I exceeded my goal.  My goal for 2014 is to continue posting frequently and to get more personalized with my posts.  I get a lot of questions from those close to me about certain aspects of a real estate transaction and I hope that throughout 2014 I can build up a library of FAQs that will give folks a place to go to get answers before we even meet.

Here are the 7 most viewed posts of 2013:

1.  Mindset is Key

2.  Home Buying Process Simplified

3.  300+ Pairs of Shoes

4.  10 Improvement Ideas to Increase Home Value

5.  Good Offer vs Great Offer

6.  3 steps to shopping for a home

7.   Leave Feedback!

As always, if you or anyone that you know may be looking to buy or sell in the near future, I hope that I can be the Realtor you look to for help!

Have a safe and happy new year!

Take care,
Scott Morrison
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Buying a Home: How to Get Started.

It's a simple sounding process.  Need a home, look for a home, find a home, purchase... right?

Obviously, purchasing a home is not that easy, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't detect the hint of sarcasm in my first line.  Buying a home is a complicated process, but a process that can be simplified if the correct system is followed.

I take a lot of pride in helping my clients understand.  I want you, the client, to feel comfortable every step of the way.  My background is that of an educator, and I still view myself as that same educator when it comes to your sale or purchase.

About a year ago I wrote a series of blog posts about the home buying process.  They were some of my most popular posts because I really think people feel more at ease as soon as some of the unknown is removed.  I've compiled them all into links below so that anyone interested in buying or selling in the next year can begin the process of educating themselves before they formally begin their search.

The posts aren't overly thorough, but that was done on purpose.  I hate for folks to feel overwhelmed, so I hope the links present a general understanding, and then as soon as we can sit down and discuss timelines and specifics, I can walk you through in more detail.

I am looking forward to being your Realtor, Happy Holidays, talk to you soon!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Officially a Homeowner!


Congratulations Sandra on the purchase of your new home!  Here's hoping that you fill that home with happy memories this holiday season and beyond.  
A big THANK YOU to Heather Loew for the referral!  I cannot wait to help you in the near future!

Helpful links:


Take care,
Scott Morrison
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Gramercy Park Market Update

To many Gahanna residents, the Gramercy Park subdivision is better known as "the area across from the high school" or it's described as "just on the other side of Hamilton road from Kroger."  (Many of you now know exactly where I'm describing).  

This area, which also contains a small group of homes defined as Chesterfield Estates, is one of Gahanna's oldest subdivisions.  Construction began on homes in Gramercy Park in the early 1950's and  continued with additions in the early 60's and as late as the mid-70's.  A short drive through the area will show you that three bedroom ranch homes are plentiful, usually containing one or one and a half baths.  A wide variety of home styles are present with many two-story and split-level homes making up the newer portions. 

Gramercy Park Profile: 
On the picture to the right, you see all of the current listings (green), under contract listings (yellow), and listings that sold during the last 60 days (red).

Average list price of current listings: $148,375
Average list price of pending sales: $157,967
Average sale price:  $128,925
          Highest sale price:  $170,000
          Lowest sale price:  $91,200

Schools nearby:  Lincoln Elementary, Gahanna Middle School South, Gahanna Lincoln High School

Gramercy Park is located just north of 270 and is accessible from 270 using the Hamilton Rd exit.  The location offers very convenient access to the freeway, and short trips to the airport, shopping, and the Gahanna Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  
**all information courtesy CBR MLS & current as of 12/07/13**

If there is a subdivision in Gahanna that you'd like to see profiled, please contact me and I'll put that on my list.  As always, if you have any questions about the information listed, please let me know.  I am happy to provide answers to help you better understand the Gahanna housing market.

Take care,
Scott Morrison
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Gahanna Holiday Lights

Yes, these are just a few camera phone snapshots of the parade, but regardless of how high-quality the photos are, the Gahanna Holiday Lights Parade is an event that ought to be experienced in person.  It's not the Macy's parade or even the Rose Bowl parade, but it is a wonderful representation of the community.  From floats made by local businesses, to plows painted by elementary students, and even a visit from old St. Nick, the parade is a special night in the Gahanna Community.

If you missed the parade, there is still time to get down to Creekside to enjoy the lights.

- Through January 5th the lights will remain up in the "Winter Wonderland" along the path down by the creek.

   - Santa will visit the Herb Center
December 7, 14, 21 9am -1pm.

-  The Olde Gahanna Sanctuary will hold a Character Breakfast sponsored by Gahanna CVB on December 14 8am - 12pm.

Here's to a fabulous holiday season in and around Gahanna!

Take care,
Scott Morrison