Monday, December 23, 2013

Buying a Home: How to Get Started.

It's a simple sounding process.  Need a home, look for a home, find a home, purchase... right?

Obviously, purchasing a home is not that easy, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't detect the hint of sarcasm in my first line.  Buying a home is a complicated process, but a process that can be simplified if the correct system is followed.

I take a lot of pride in helping my clients understand.  I want you, the client, to feel comfortable every step of the way.  My background is that of an educator, and I still view myself as that same educator when it comes to your sale or purchase.

About a year ago I wrote a series of blog posts about the home buying process.  They were some of my most popular posts because I really think people feel more at ease as soon as some of the unknown is removed.  I've compiled them all into links below so that anyone interested in buying or selling in the next year can begin the process of educating themselves before they formally begin their search.

The posts aren't overly thorough, but that was done on purpose.  I hate for folks to feel overwhelmed, so I hope the links present a general understanding, and then as soon as we can sit down and discuss timelines and specifics, I can walk you through in more detail.

I am looking forward to being your Realtor, Happy Holidays, talk to you soon!


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