Saturday, January 18, 2014

Real Estate On Your Phone

You're driving home from work and notice a for sale sign out in front of a house.  Regardless of whether this is your neighbor, or a home on the other side of town, you almost always wonder "how much is that listed for?"

You see a QR code on the sign, but who is getting out of their car to scan that?  You see the phone number on the sign, but you really don't care all that much so you don't want to talk to a salesman.  So, naturally you look at the address and hope to remember it when you get home so that you can google the listing.  


Whether you are one of those people who attempt to remember the address, or you get your phone and try googling as you drive, you no longer need to worry about remembering anything.  Just pull over, click on my app, and the GPS software will locate you and all of the homes nearby that are for sale, not just the one you are sitting in front of.  

The app is free, and anyone can use it.  If you are someone that is just always curious when you are in the scenario above, or if you are really considering buying or selling soon, I cannot tell you how awesome it is to have this just a click away.  
If you already have the app from Zillow or or another big national website, you may be thinking that you don't need to get another app.  If it is working for you, great, but I guarantee that the KW app is more up-to-date and more accurate because the listing information is pulled directly from the Columbus MLS, whereas the other apps are often so full of information that they fail to sync themselves properly and you'll often find homes either not listed or homes that have sold months before still listed that will crowd your search.  
enter: KW1ZHYT1U at start up  

Below are some additional screenshots I've taken to show you a bit about the app.  Most of you may learn better by simply downloading the app and playing around with it, so skip to that part if you are ready to go!  As always, feel free to email me for questions (or just hit the "contact agent" button on the app.  If you've correctly put in the code I've given you, the response will come from me, not some random salesman).

Nearby Homes will scroll on top
using GPS technology
Once you click "nearby homes" the top right
corner offers a list view or map view.  I prefer map view.
Your location is the blue dot, so if you pull over to
search,  you'll see everything in the neighborhood. 
Draw a shape on the map to
focus your search on any area. 
Then you'll get any listing inside your focus area
I could go on and on with the features of this app, but I'll save it for a future post.  Download the app, follow the brief instructions, and have all of the necessary real estate information just a click away. 

Take care, 
Scott Morrison

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