Saturday, February 15, 2014

Homeowner Tax Breaks

Whether you are a DIY tax preparer, or you have your taxes done professionally, tax season brings a great deal of the unknown for most people.  Will I get a refund back?  Will I owe?  Can I write this off?

With two months to go until your taxes are due, it's time to get serious about gathering your data and getting that refund back!

I am trying something new this year.  Through the recommendation of a close friend, I'll be using to get the most from my return.  I've been a DIY for the past few years, and it's time that I  stop pretending to know what I'm doing.  

Eric Bisignano, founder of Charitax, and I spoke over the phone this week.  I feel more comfortable than ever in recommending his service to anyone reading.  Not only did he make me feel comfortable about preparing my documents for filing, but the mission and goals of Charitax make this a local organization I am proud to support.  If you are going to spend money getting your taxes done, it's nice to know that some of it is going to charity! 

I'd recommend talking to Eric about your Home Tax Deductions, but if you are a DIY tax preparer, this article on Don't-Miss Home Tax Breaks should at least get you started with getting the most from your home this tax season.  

Happy filing!

Take care, 
Scott Morrison
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