Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tracking Numbers in Gahanna

September 13th snapshot of the Gahanna real estate market:

For this search I used the search criteria of the property being a single family residence, and the listing must be marked as resting within the limits of Gahanna Jefferson Public Schools.  (note: school district is an optional portion of the MLS, so some Realtors do not report this in the listing)

Activity is from August 1 of this year through September 13:

156 homes currently listed for sale
92 homes currently under contract
76 homes closed during this time period

- Closed sales ranged from $61,000 to $547,000
- Of the 168 homes to close or go into contract during this time, 66 of them were on the market less than 10 days before receiving an offer
- 14 of the 76 closed contracts have closed this month (Sept)
-  Last year during the same time period, 71 homes closed.

Going into average sales prices and other specifics would be misleading because Gahanna is a very hyperlocal area.  Each neighborhood or subdivision needs to be reported separately to gain an accurate idea of what homes are worth in that area.  This fall, I'll be posting neighborhood specific reports to the blog, but if you'd like to obtain a report sooner than later, please email me using the address below.

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From KWRI:

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