Monday, May 11, 2015

Gahanna Rain Barrel Rebate Opportunity

I've been thinking of purchasing a rain barrel for a couple of years now.  It has been continually put on the back burner, until a recent DIY pinterest idea for making your own came up.  (notice a recent pinterest theme to posts?)

The DIY version looked great, and for under $100 I could make a two-barrel system that'd make any DIYer proud.  Cost of rain barrels had always been my reasoning for moving forward, so for the same price as purchasing a barrel, I could make two, I'm in!!

Before I got myself in over my head, I did a quick search to see what the City of Gahanna says about rain barrels and perhaps wondered if there was a way to get free or reduced priced options.  Much to my delight, the page pointed me to the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation page that described a rebate program called Greenspot Backyards.

The short version of the story is that residents in Gahanna (also available in other municipalities) can sign up for the Greenspot Backyards program, and after taking a course and quiz online, can be eligible for a $50 rebate on an approved rain barrel or other conservation based item.

The $50 rebate cuts the cost of a 65-gallon barrel in half, and thus makes the DIY version both a hassle and more expensive, who knew!?!

I've now purchased my 65-gallon barrel from Rain Brothers LLC and should receive my rebate in the next week or so.  Take advantage of this opportunity while rebates are still available! If you'd like more details, I'd be happy to exchange emails with you to get you started!

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