Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Cost of Common Home Repairs

In my 7+ years of homeownership I've found out firsthand the cost of the dreaded "home ownership" type repairs.  I've replaced a sump pump, got a new HVAC, new carpet, had electric work done, the list continues with little items here and there.

While I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Simple Dollar, I came across the article linked below on the cost of common home repairs.  The costs of these repairs obviously will differ based upon location and severity of damage (among other variables) but I thought that the article had a great message about the costs that you should budget for as a homeowner.

When parents tag along during the buying process with young buyers I often overhear the discussion of repairs and hidden costs.  This is a time when mom and dad are right, the costs are real and they are something you should be prepared to encounter.  It's certainly a negative side effect of homeownership, but if you plan ahead and expect that these unexpected costs will pop up, you'll be prepared to face the adversity without breaking the bank.

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